Creative Brief

PREPARED BY: Willow Stolarz
DATE: March 27, 2024

DESCRIPTION: To develop a multimedia advertising campaign to launch Oatly’s new oat-based cheddar cheese.
TAGLINE: Better Cheese for a Better World – Let’s Get Cheesy

  • Who is our target audience?
    The target audience for this advertising campaign for Oatly comprises current oat milk consumers, vegans, cheese enthusiasts seeking dairy alternatives and those passionate about sustainable living. While the brand attracts customers of all ages for various reasons such as dietary preferences, lactose intolerance and sustainability concerns, Oatly primarily markets toward the 18 to 35 demographic. This age range is usually receptive to Oatly’s identity, tone and humor. Therefore, they are the focus of this campaign. The target audience is not limited by location because Oatly sells products in more than 20 countries globally.
  • Where will this ad appear?
    This campaign will include paid social and out-of-home advertising. Social media advertisements will appear on platforms where the target audiences are heavily present, such as Meta (Instagram and Facebook) and TikTok. Currently, Oatly is not active on X, another leading advertising platform, due to challenges with the site.
    As the oat milk brand has an ongoing reputation for out-of-home advertising, including billboards, bus shelters and murals, the ads will mainly appear in these formats to increase visibility while staying consistent with brand image and identity. These ads will be placed in various larger cities worldwide, from Los Angeles and New York City to Paris, France and Stockholm, Sweden. Being placed in larger cities will ensure that the advertising campaign will reach the desired audience.
  • What is the goal?
    The goal of this campaign is to spread awareness of Oatly’s expansion to include various types of cheeses, and in this case, it is heavily focused on its new oat-based cheddar. The brand aims to boost sales and word-of-mouth of this product by spreading awareness of what it is and the sustainable reasons for trying it. Based on the advertisement and campaign performance, a further goal would be to continue to expand the oat-based cheese line to include different flavors and for Oatly to become the leading dairy alternative brand in all areas.
  • Why do we need this ad?
    Currently, Oatly’s products are limited to oat milk, creamers, frozen desserts and cream cheese and are not in the plant-based cheese market. There are no competing oat cheeses, making this new product one-of-a-kind and a moment to highlight. Oatly needs this ad to capture the attention of its target audiences and encourage them to try the new cheddar cheese. It also educates consumers on why they should switch to oat-based cheese or try it by communicating sustainable efforts. Producing plant-based cheese is significantly better for the environment than dairy, meaning that Oatly’s oat-based cheddar is a Better Cheese for a Better World– a message for which Oatly should be known.

*All content is for academic purposes only and in no way affiliated with Oatly*