Ever since I was little, I have been drawn to cameras. At the age of 10, I was given my first digital camera, and from then on, photography became one of my biggest hobbies. Over the years, I have dove into many different photographic styles, from sport, action, portrait, lifestyle, photojournalism, and so on.

Marathons – Action / Sports

From 2016 – 2020, I worked with SCS Photoworks as a photographer apprentice and got hired to take pictures at various marathons in Southern California, including the following:

  • Pasadena Running Company
  • Village Runner Series
  • Irvine Lake Mud Run
  • AT&T Space Race – Richard Nixon Library


Like marathon photography, event photography allows me to work with many faces and organizations. I love catching the vibe and atmosphere that an event gives off and creating memories for those who attend.


During my Spring 2021 semester, I took a photojournalism class, which combined my love for photography with the communications and journalism fields. Not only did this class help me understand the ins and outs of my camera itself, but showed me what it is like to capture news-worthy moments in photographs.

As my experience learning photojournalism was during the pandemic, a majority of these stories revolved around COVID-19 topics, such as:

  • The Disneyland Resort closure
  • Online learning
  • Community


One of my favorite photography styles, ever- whether it be having a photo shoot with my close friends and family or setting up my tripod to take photos of myself.