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Mar. 27, 2024

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Willow Stolarz

Oatly Launches First-Ever Oat-Based Cheese
Classic Cheddar to Hit Shelves and Redefine the Plant-Based Market

LOS ANGELES  –  Oatly, the highly innovative brand known for its sustainable oat-based products, announced the launch of its first-ever oat-based cheese, which will be available nationwide. Oatly’s new classic cheddar cheese is set to shake up the plant-based dairy scene, offering a delicious and environmentally friendly alternative to a food we all know and enjoy.

This revolutionary entry into the cheese sector fills a significant gap in the market, as there is a notable absence of oat-based cheese within the plant-based industry. With the growing demand for dairy alternatives, the leading oat milk company knew it had to use its expertise in this sector and create this new oat-based cheddar- the first of its kind. The launch of this unique product is only the beginning of an expanded line of oat-based cheeses on shelves in the coming months, as highlighted by Jean-Christophe Flatin, CEO of Oatly.

“Oatly is entering a new and exciting era of business, and we are thrilled to introduce this product, which perfectly captures our mission,” said Flatin. “Since the early stages of our company, we have been dedicated to making oat-based alternatives that are not only delicious and comparable to dairy taste-wise but also products that support a more sustainable food system. And our cheddar cheese is our best example of that to date.”

The company’s oat-based cheese closely replicates the flavor and texture of traditional dairy—so close that you would never guess it was crafted from fermented oats. By utilizing oats as the primary ingredient, Oatly’s cheddar cheese is still able to achieve a rich and creamy texture and sharp flavor while continuing to have a lower environmental impact. Oat-based products are seemingly better for the planet, using 89% less greenhouse gas emissions than dairy and 60% less energy to produce. Therefore, indulging in Oatly’s cheddar cheese ultimately supports the company’s sustainable initiatives while satisfying your cheese craving.

Starting March 27, 2024, consumers can find Oatly’s oat-based cheddar cheese on the shelves for $5.99 at select retail and grocery stores such as Sprouts, Whole Foods, Target, Vons and more. Go to your local grocery store to experience Oatly’s expanded catalog of dairy-free products, now including cheese. Your taste buds and the planet will thank you.

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About Oatly
Oatly is the world’s leading oat drink company with over 30 years of experience in the plant-based industry. Since 1994, the company has dedicated itself to sustainable practices to help the people and the planet and deliver products that maximize nutritional value and minimize environmental impact. Oatly products are sold in 20 countries globally at various grocery stores and retailers and include dairy alternatives to milk, ice cream, yogurt, cooking creams, spreads and on-the-go drinks.

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