4 Views to Enjoy Your Brews at this Summer

During the summer, we prioritize adventure, relaxation, and all of the good vibes the warm months offer- from staying at home and taking a break from work to planning to travel the world. Everyone celebrates summer in their own way, but here at the Athletic Brewing Company, there is nothing better than cracking open a cold one and enjoying the world’s beautiful sites.

That is the sound of summer.

We have you covered if you are looking for places to go and enjoy non-alcoholic beer. Here are some of our favorite travel destinations, paired alongside our brews that complement the views perfectly to have a healthier and more well-traveled summer:

1. The Bahamas

Nothing screams summer more than bright blue waters and kicking your toes in the sand. The Bahamas is a stunning and popular travel spot that is way more than just the perfect Instagram background. With resorts, diving spots, and even a beach filled with wild pigs, this country located in the Caribbean is the ideal place to soak up the sun rays while drinking our Upside Dawn Golden Ale, with hints of citrus and honey.

Upside Dawn Ale, Athletic Brewing Company, The Bahamas

2. Yellowstone National Park

For those who prefer hiking and mountain ranges over wet hair and salty air, Yellowstone checks off all of the boxes. Also known as the first national park in the United States, Yellowstone has stunning scenery, is the home of many geysers and hot springs, and has plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures. Here you can Run Wild and enjoy one of our most popular brews, flavored with IPA, citrus, hoppy and pine.

Yellowstone National Park, Run Wild NA Beer, Athletic Brewing Company

3. Miami, Florida

If your summers typically consist of staying up all night and dancing until the sun rises, you will love the nightlife in Miami. This city in Florida has gorgeous beaches by day and many parties and clubs by night. Of course, you will be drinking non-alcoholic beer this summer, but that isn’t stopping you from going All Out and enjoying everything the night brings you, and our stout-inspired chocolate and coffee brew.

Miami Florida, All Out NA Beer, Athletic Brewing Company

4. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

What about a little mix of all the above? Cabo San Lucas is a resort city in Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula that offers many different experiences. There are ocean views, beaches, nightlife, and even some hiking trails. Some might even say it is one of the best travel destinations for the summer, and our Mexican-inspired Light Copper, Cerveza Atletica, was made with this in mind.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Cerveza Atletica, Athletic Brewing Company

Wherever this summer may take you, our brews will be with you along the way. If you are not planning on traveling or going to these destinations, check out our Sober Summer Tour route and see if we have a stop near you to check out even more #BrewsandViews.

Lets make this a summer to finally remember, by choosing non-alcoholic beer.

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